Inside-Out Flower

Inside-Out Flower

3.5″ pot – $6.00 each (taxes included).

Here is a must have in a shade garden, and one of my favorite native shade plants. The Inside-Out Flower (Vancouveria hexandra) is a herbaceous perennial which you can also grow in a pot if you have a shady deck. They like moist, rich soil in shady forest areas, and can grow to about 16 inches (40cm) tall. It spreads by underground stems or rhizomes. The flowers are white and unique as the petals bend backwards.

Vancouveria hexandra is a herbaceous perennial so it dies back each winter. If you have yours in a pot, put it in a sheltered spot for the winter as it may stay too wet if left out in the weather. The roots may root if they stay too wet. Water it when the soil dries out as the plant is not actively growing and doesn’t need a lot of water.

Cut back the dead foliage in the winter or early spring before the new shoots emerge. New shoots emerge in early spring.

After cutting back the old foliage I top dress with Sea Soil. This adds some organic matter and nutrients to the soil.

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