Pacific Ninebark

Pacific Ninebark (Physocarpus capitatus) is a deciduous shrub belonging to the rose family that generally likes moist riparian type habitats, but I found this one in the picture above at our local park, where is is quite dry. It like full sun and will grow to about 4 meters (13 feet) tall. It has round clumps of white flowers in June, which will turn into reddish bunches of dry inflated pods, with its seeds inside. It has alternate 3-5 lobed leaves that look a little like a Maple leaf, and gets its name because of its peeling reddish bark. “It is a good habitat shrub for our native fauna, as it provides food for the Spring Azure butterfly larvae, nectar and seeds, plus its dense growth provide good shelter and nesting sites.” according to the Habitat Acquisition Trust website.

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