Sunnyside Acres Urban Forest

Thanks to a small group of local residents that came forward in 1986 when the mayor and council of the time were deciding what to do with the approximately 200 hectares of land in South Surrey. They started the “Save Our Sunnyside” campaign, and in 1988 a referendum was held with one question, “Do you want this area to be preserved”. The answer was an overwhelming “Yes”. Today, we can be thankful to those who put in the time and effort to save this area for everyone to enjoy; a wonderful place to enjoy nature. It is a second-growth forest having grown back after being logged in and around 1886. It is also a refuge for our local fauna, so please be respectful when you visit the park. For more information go to the Sunnyside Acres Heritage Society website. You can become a member for $10.00 if you live in the area and use the park. The park is 130 hectares, with parking off of 24th avenue between 144th street and 148th street. There is also parking at the South Surrey Recreation Centre. The Sunnyside Acres Heritage Society’s website has a good trail map. There are trail markers; remember the name of the trail that you came in on to get out at the same spot.

Behind the recreation centre and tennis courts is the South Surrey Bike Park. It has lots of trails from the BLT (beginner loop trail) to more advanced trails, and the area is looked after by the SORCE bike club. This is a great place to take the kids bike riding. If you are walking through this part of the park be respectful and stand to the side when people on bikes are riding by. (After all, it is because of the bike club that these particular trails are here.) There are trails from the bike park that meet up with trails that go into the Sunnyside Acres Urban Forest. You will be crossing 24th avenue to get from the South Surrey Recreation Centre parking lot to the Sunnyside Acres Urban Forest trails.

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