Getting Involved to Help Nature

Western Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly

Why should we get involved in helping nature? Because we depend on nature. Even if we are not interested in nature or getting out into nature, our well being and honestly, our survival as a species depends on it. We are a part of nature. Even our bodies are ecosystems, and we depend on the microbes within us for such things as breaking down our food into a form that our bodies can utilize. This is a whole subject onto itself so I’m not going to get into it in this article, but if you are intrigued read the book, “10% Human” by Alanna Collen.

So, how can we help. We can plant native and pollinator friendly plants in our gardens or on our balconies. We can get involved with our local nature club and help out with projects, we can participate in letting our governments know that nature and the health of our environment is important to us, and if we don’t have the time for such things we can donate to local organizations that are doing good things for the environment. Do your research first though to make sure that the organization is legit, and is in fact making a difference.

There are many organizations and many specialize in different areas. So figure out which one speaks to you. Check out BC Nature, they are an umbrella organization for Nature Clubs within BC. They are dedicated, hard working people that have been standing up for nature for over 50 years. There is also Nature Canada. Some local organizations in my area are: Little Campbell Watershed Society, Friends of Semiahmoo Bay Society, Burns Bog Conservation Society, and Critter Care Wildlife Society.

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