Logan Lake Municipal Campground

Logan Lake is a small community located about 20 minutes out of Merritt at an altitude of 1,067m or 3,500ft, and is surrounded by rolling forested hills. It was originally built to house workers from the Highland Valley Copper Mine. In 1971 one hundred workers and their families moved in. Highland Valley Copper mine is 17km west of Logan Lake and is the largest open-pit copper mine in Canada. It is a really pretty community with multi-use trails, Magg’s Park with a playground and covered area, 9-hole golf course, fishing on the lake, and the municipal campground on one corner of the lake. There is supposed to be an off-lease dog park just outside of town, but we didn’t unhook the trailer so we didn’t go to see it.

Generally, we tend to like to get away from people, and with four wheel drives we use to be able to get way off the beaten path. But, as we have gotten older, tenting is not as appealing as it use to be. So now we have a 13ft travel trailer that has everything we need in it; a bed, heat, fridge, and a bathroom, lol. We just need to grab our personal gear and food and go. I was surprised at myself that I liked camping at a municipal campground. It is a small campground with 46 sites with heated washroom/showers. It had a pleasant laid-back feel to it. The old highway runs through the campground and is a walkway now into town. You can easily walk around the lake in under an hour taking your time and checking things out. There is wildlife in the area so be aware of your surroundings. I would imagine it would be quite hot in the summer and there is not much shade. We were there for the Thanksgiving long weekend. We got in early on Friday and it was sunny and warm, Saturday was cloudy and a little cold, Sunday woke up to snow and cold, it was cold overnight about -2, and sunny and cold on Monday. We have a husky so she was quite happy in the snow. This just proves the point that in mountain areas the weather can change drastically, so alway be aware of the weather forecast and be prepared.

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