About Us

Vision Statement

A world where humans respect and take care of our environment - our home, the natural world and all its inhabitants.

A world where humans respect themselves and each other, and live in balance with nature and technology.

Mission Statement

To promote living a healthy and happy life, while being responsible for the health of our world. To raise awareness, and inspire others to do the same.

When I look at the world around me, it becomes obvious to me that life is about balance. Our home, this planet called Earth, is a closed system. In another term, it is a finite planet, which means our resources have limits. What we do affects everything and everywhere, eventually, and we have reached that point. We are negatively affecting the Earth's "ecoservices" ability to clean the air we breathe and the water we drink, the global climate, and the biodiversity of this planet. I live in Canada, so that makes me Canadian, but I also live on this planet so that also makes me an Earthling. We are all Earthlings.

I think we all know we have to change the way we do things. But how? Greed and the need for power by some people seems to override the well-being of all the species on this planet. As individuals it seems over-welling, but together we have the power to make change. We have been taught to be really good consumers, and we have made certain companies and people extremely rich. But we the consumers can demand that our traditional linear economy of make, use and throw out becomes a circular economy of making products to last, then recycled, and externalities accounted for. We can demand pesticide free food, no palm oil, products to last, no cheap disposable products, and no sweatshop factories. Will this cost more? Probably in the beginning, but what will be the cost of climate change and polluted air and water. The cost of degraded and lost soils, that are nonrenewable on a human time frame.

We are making changes, but will the changes happen fast enough to protect the life here on Earth as we know it? Our future depends on it. The Earth will continue to orbit around the sun, and life will continue to evolve, but it may be with out us and the many wonderful plants and animals we know and love.